Transport - 11 Nov

A session by Mark Bell, Luca Budello, Paddy Corkery, Chris Couchman, Davin Crowley-Sweet, David Eagle, Dr Anne Kemp OBE, Seb Lessware, Fiona Newson and Steve Unger
1Spatial, The Knowledge Transfer Network, LM-JV, Fusion-JV, Highways England, 1Spatial, Atkins, 1Spatial, 1Spatial and Geospatial Commission

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Join us for a Transport focussed day, where we will take a deep dive in to the challenges and drivers within this sector and showcase various solutions and customer success stories. We will welcome presentations from industry leaders and our own experts and offer several networking opportunities and give you the opportunity to pose questions to our experienced panel of speakers.

09.45-10.00 Networking

10.00-10.10 Welcome and housekeeping Fiona Newson, Marketing Executive, 1Spatial

"I am Fiona Newson, Marketing Exec at 1Spatial, this will be my third Smarter Data, Smarter World conference, albeit the first virtual. I am looking forward to chairing the Transportation day and hearing from our great line-up of speakers, which promises to offer a variety of customer stories, industry knowledge and technology updates".

10:10 -10:20 Conference Open Mark Bell, Head of Transportation and Infrastructure, 1Spatial

Join Mark Bell, 1Spatial’s Head of Transportation and Infrastructure, as he opens the days event and explains a little about who we are, what we do and how we can help you deliver better data.

10.20-10.40 Technology overview Seb Lessware, CTO, 1Spatial

10.40-11.00 Keynote Steve Unger, Commissioner, Geospatial Commission

The future of mobility enabled by location data

The Geospatial Commission recognises the immense value that geospatial data & services can provide to the transport and logistics sectors - its recently published UK Geospatial Strategy demonstrated up to £2bn p.a. that could be unlocked from the better use of geospatial data. Join us to hear about the steps the Geospatial Commission is undertaking to realise some of this value and what the opportunities for geospatial are going forward.

*We will be observing the Remembrance Day 2 minute silence at 11am*

11.00-11.20 Keynote Luca Budello, Knowledge Transfer Manager, Geospatial Insights, Knowledge Transfer Network

The Future is Geospatial – How do we make it happen?

At the heart of the modern world is digitisation. Our economy is digitising at a rapid rate, and at the core of this structural shift is the demand for intelligence and actionable insight. In this digital landscape, Location intelligence is a fundamental enabler of the connected and autonomous world we are building today. It enables autonomous cars to drive down a motorway, construction managers to track assets in large scale civil engineering projects, and city officials to tackle pollution and carbon emissions via better monitoring. Location data is the link identifier in this cyber-physical world we are building, connecting the dots between objects, people, systems and the environment.

While many of the technological barriers have already been addressed, the future winners of the geospatial market will recognise the human challenges that remain. Overcoming those will require a change in approach and behaviour. Action is needed to bring together people from different verticals and with different skill sets to ensure innovation is needs-led. Data silos must be broken down and a common geospatial framework built, in order to unlock shared value and incentivise sharing of data. The interdependencies of solutions must be recognised and accounted for if we are serious in tackling some of the most pressing challenges we have ever faced. Now is the time to work together to ensure that we can build a more resilient and human-centred future. Obviously with the help of location intelligence.

11.20-11.30 Virtual Tea Break and Networking

11.30-11.45 Case Study Chris Couchman, GIS Manager, Fusion-JV and David Eagle, Head of FME Division at 1Spatial

Data Integration 'as-a-service'

The construction and engineering industries thrive on the exchange of data and information, however if that data is in a format or a structure you can't easily interpret, it introduces project delays. Delays typically mean penalties and these need to be avoided at all costs. Deploying a data integration platform for a relatively short project though, can be an overhead that is hard to justify, especially when you're working to a budget. That's where a managed service for FME; the defacto standard for data translation and transformation, can save you time, administrative effort and budget, with 1Spatial hosting a cloud based ETL service for you, either as a subscription or a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) commercial model. In this session David Eagle, 1Spatial's FME Division Manager and Chris Couchman, Fusion JV’s GIS Manager, will explain a little about the benefits afforded by a managed service for FME, and how it is being used by Fusion JV in the build of HS2.

11.45-12.05 Keynote Davin Crowley-Sweet, Chief Data Officer, Highways England

12.05-12.20 Case Study Paddy Corkery, LM-JV

Data Gateway SCDQ for Ecology Surveys – Delivering better data?

Transportation infrastructure build and maintenance projects are large and complex activities, requiring support from multiple tiers of different organisations, each with their own functional expertise. Environment and Ecological Impact Assessments (EIAs) are mandated in the enabling phases of build projects, and aim to minimise harm and to maximise benefits for biodiversity resulting from any new infrastructure build.

Fundamental to the EIAs are surveys, which aim to collect data about the current environmental and ecological coverage across project areas. Data about bats, badgers newts, and others are collected from within the field using a variety of tools and processes by organisations within the supply chain. The wide variety of tools and processes used to collect the EIA data can result in a wide variety of quality, potentially calling for further post processing or manual rework within the field, both costly options.

Two of Europe’s most prominent and innovative engineering and construction companies – Laing O’Rourke and Murphy – have come together to form LM, a powerful joint venture, ready to support the growing number of major transport infrastructure projects across the UK. LM is the Enabling Works Partner of HS2 tasked with managing the EIAs for the northern area of Phase 1. In conjunction with LM, 1Spatial have developed an Ecology Survey Data Quality Portal which can be used by JV suppliers to ensure only data confirming to the HS2 specifications is submitted to them.

12.20-12.30 Virtual Tea Break and Networking

12.30-12.45 Keynote Dr Anne Kemp OBE, BIM Strategy and Development, Atkins

BIM and Geospatial to National Digital Twin: The Way Forward through the UK BIM Framework

There is increasing recognition that digital information about the built environment is as important as the physical assets themselves if we are to achieve better outcomes for the economy, society and the environment. The terms GIS and BIM have been similarly maligned – detracting from what we should focus on, which is creating and managing information which supports better decisions. This talk will discuss how we can work together to unlock the value of data – and how location plays a key part for the built environment, and the way forward to the National Digital Twin.

12.45-13.00 Panel session, chaired by Mark Bell, 1Spatial featuring Chris Couchman, GIS Manager, Fusion-JV, Steve Unger, Commissioner, Geospatial Commission, Paddy Corkery, Lead Digital Engineer, LM-JV and Luca Budello, Knowledge Transfer Manager – Geospatial Insights, The Knowledge Transfer Network

We will end the event with a panel session where we will be joined by industry experts and thought leaders answering your questions and exchanging thoughts on how to make your data smarter.

If you haven’t asked a question yet, now’s your chance!

13.00-14.00 Close and Networking